This passage seems to describe the setting for which we find the Christian game industry today.

“As usual with such  formulations by the Church, which  are all, in a way, attempts to say who She is, and which come out of long-drawn-out arguments and discussions about the identity of the church (‘what  is  it  that makes Christians Christian?” etc.), they  are  better at shutting off blind alleys than explaining the true way, better at excluding ways of talking than at giving an account of the best way of talking.  And this is just  as well because  there  is no best way of  talking.  I  don’t think  any Council of  the church  has  ever said  ‘This  is  the  only  way  to  express  the  fundamental  truths of  the  gospel.’  They  have  frequently  said  ‘These  other ways  have  turned  out to  be no  good, dead  ends.’  The pronouncements  of councils  normally say, ‘No Through  Road Here’  rather  than  acting as signposts or guidelines  or maps.”

~Herbert McCabe


The purpose of this site is to discuss theology in games, and how we might learn and teach more accurate theology.

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